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Looking to work for a cutting-edge digital shop? A sophisticated sales organization? A major media planning group? A highly creative recruitment ad agency? NAS Recruitment Innovation is all of these – and more. We’re an integrated provider of solutions for recruitment communications, with a wide variety of clients and plenty of interesting roles to choose from, including:

  • Sales
  • Client Strategy and Service
  • Interactive
  • Creative
  • Accounting
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What’s it like to work at NAS? We’re fiercely competitive, but friendly. Hard-charging, but happy to stop and celebrate our successes. Committed to challenging deadlines, but always focused on what’s next. You’ll find colleagues who are eager to help, the flexibility to work the way you like and the opportunity to collaborate daily with teams across the organization. We like to enjoy ourselves, too, with Tuesday Brews-Days, pizza parties, ping pong and more spontaneous fun.

We bring the benefits. NAS offers a comprehensive benefits package with everything you expect, including medical/dental/vision, 401(k) savings plan, PTO, flexible work options and more. We also focus on wellness, with ongoing initiatives that include programs on healthy eating, wellness screenings, discounts on fitness center membership, delivery of healthy groceries and other activities.

Haley, Account Director

What I do: I listen to my clients and recommend strategies and media to help them reach the best talent. No two days are alike, which keeps things exciting.

How I innovate: It’s my job to become an expert on evolving trends in recruitment marketing and pass them along to my clients.

Why NAS?: Even though I work remotely, no one is a stranger. And our leadership encourages us to put family first.

Jason, Regional Vice President

What I do: I can make an impact every day with the next call I make, the next demo I present, and the next email I write. Everything I do has the opportunity to make a difference for both me and my company.

How I contribute: What I do has a direct impact on the bottom line and, on any given day, I can make a great year even better.

Why NAS?: NAS provides you with enough autonomy and tools to be successful, and never loses sight of its key contributors. Success is rewarded with growth within the company.

Swetha, Software Developer

What I do: I develop front-end functionality for client websites, as well as manage the maintenance and enhancements. Software tools and languages are constantly evolving, so I get to learn new technologies and techniques.

How I contribute: I’ve adapted to the NAS environment and collaborate easily, so I am able to support the team, finish my projects and update my skills regularly.

Why NAS?: Our “NEVER FAIL” attitude is motivating to me and the company proudly says that hard work always pays. Our CEO interacts with us and creates a friendly atmosphere.