Getting Their Attention

With A Site That Sells Culture

NAS partnered with LongHorn Steakhouse to better promote its Hourly and Management roles. Our engagement included finding the right creative positioning and developing a new career site powered by our ACTIVATE™ platform.

Selling The Culture

LongHorn is defined by the unique family culture. We showcased their camaraderie by adding plenty of video content, testimonial quotes and photos to the site. In addition, we’ve pulled in content from multiple social media platforms to let candidates see the culture in action.

Job Family Content

We created pages for Hourly and Management, with the goal of providing targeted content on the roles available, career paths and value propositions that attract the right candidates. Each page also has a number of videos and testimonials to let associates tell the story of what it’s like to work for the organization.

A Better Candidate Experience

ACTIVATE™ offers intuitive and easy-to-find search capabilities throughout the site, including a filtered search widget on every page, a geolocation map for location search and links to pre-filtered searches where relevant. Getting candidates to the jobs quickly is our primary goal.

Highlighting New Openings

We have numerous ways to highlight openings at new stores or special hiring events. Our Sizzling Hot Jobs section allows LongHorn to give a special emphasis to critical openings. We also feature a highlighted event on the home page and have a special page dedicated to new location openings and hiring events.

Engaging Candidates With AI

LongHorn has also recently added a new feature that allows candidates to chat with Olivia, a virtual job assistant designed to answer thousands of different questions. This “chat bot” makes the process more interactive and is an effective way to direct job seekers to pertinent information and convert them to applicants.

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