NAS Recruitment Innovation client – Dent Wizard

Talking to Techs

About an Amazing Opportunity
NAS Recruitment Innovation client – Dent Wizard

We partnered with Dent Wizard to develop an employment brand and career site to attract technicians in a competitive market. The goal was to provide a central recruiting destination that told their story with style and impact.

Building the Brand

Dent Wizard career site by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Dent Wizard is an industry leader that is not widely known to many potential candidates for technical roles. After a discovery phase that included focus groups with job families and a tour of the facilities, NAS developed an employment brand with the potential to highlight their many employment value propositions.

Creating the Destination

Dent Wizard technician training and development career site pages by NAS Recruitment Innovation

We designed and developed a career site using our ACTIVATE™ platform and focused on the differentiators that will really attract talent to Dent Wizard. The site is colorful and easily navigated, with concise information designed to covert visitors into applicants. It is mobile responsive to capture techs on the go.

Selling the Potential

Training, growth and development are big reasons to join Dent Wizard. Our site includes a page specific to training programs, as well as information on individual tech job pages about additional learning and growth opportunities. We also include an interactive feature that shows some of their career paths.

Dent Wizard job family career site pages by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Getting Specific

We created job family pages for the various technician titles, so that Dent Wizard can provide the specific value propositions, training programs and featured jobs for each role. The pages also include testimonials and videos. They will serve as landing pages for targeted media campaigns.

Dent Wizard ACTIVATE™ job search platform by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Making it Easy

The ACTIVATE™ platform offers multiple points of entry into the job search, including a sticky search widget with title and location options, pre-filtered links throughout the site and an interactive map search that shows all open jobs across the U.S. and Canada. We also have a Talent Network option for candidates who are not ready to apply.

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