ServeMinnesota operates the Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps, two programs that provide tutors for children throughout the state. As a non-profit designed to appeal to individuals with a strong commitment to service, the organization partnered with NAS for employment branding and a communication strategy.

ServeMinnesota “Superhero” branding campaign

Poster Series

Targeting recent graduates, as well as retirees and stay-at-home parents, we created a campaign that utilized photos of real tutors and emphasized the powerful impact they can have on children. The superhero theme proved resonant with our audience.

ServeMinnesota recruiting toolkit

Recruiting Toolkit

In addition to the posters, NAS developed an entire toolkit of recruitment materials for ServeMinnesota, including email, direct mail and banner stands. The goal was to support ongoing efforts with a consistent employment brand.

Social Media Marketing

As part of the marketing strategy, we consistently leveraged social platforms. Campaigns included Google ads, Facebook promoted posts and Tweets, to deliver our message across the platforms where our target audience is most engaged.

ServeMinnesota social media marketing