NAS Recruitment Innovation client – TPI Composites

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NAS Recruitment Innovation client – TPI Composites

TPI, the largest U.S.-based independent manufacturer of composite wind blades for the wind energy market, partnered with NAS to develop employment branding and apply our concept to a number of external and internal initiatives. The organization operates in the U.S., China, Denmark, Mexico and Turkey.

TPI employment branding by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Employment Branding

Our employment brand for external candidates centered on the theme of My TPI, along with testimonials from employees that communicate appealing reasons to join them. The campaign was designed with a simple, bold look that builds off of TPI’s marketing and translates easily into different languages for global candidates. We also applied our brand to new content for TPI’s career site pages.

TPI multi-language safety campaign branding by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Safety Campaign

NAS worked with TPI to develop the branding for a safety program that was implemented at its locations around the world. The SafeTPI program included banners and posters for each site, as well as communication vehicles for ongoing updates and information.

Wellness Branding

TPI wellness branding by NAS Recruitment Innovation
TPI wellness program poster by NAS Recruitment Innovation

We also branded TPI’s health and wellness program with the name of Powered by TPI. The visual branding complements our other employment brand campaigns, while allowing for specific content geared toward health, wealth and career growth.

TPI corporate values messaging by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Values Messaging

NAS created a number of branded vehicles to globally communicate TPI’s mission, vision and values across the organization. These multi-language pieces included posters, graphics and t-shirts, as well as elements for use on the organization’s career site pages.


Our most recent work for TPI centers on values communications for their global locations in the U.S., China, Mexico and Turkey. These include large-scale wall banners in four different languages for each of the manufacturing locations, as well as a brochure that discusses each value and provides information to help each employee live those values.

TPI multi-language corporate values messaging by NAS Recruitment Innovation

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