Employment Brand and Career Site for Education

Teaching Candidates About a Rewarding Opportunity

Learning Care Group

Learning Care Group (LCG) is a leader in early childhood education, operating under brand names that include La Petite Academy, Childtime, Tutor Time and more. NAS partnered with them to build a brand targeting teachers and other professionals. We also developed a career site powered by our ACTIVATE® platform to enhance the candidate experience and implemented a number of strategies to target and engage the right audience.

Employment brand for education by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Telling the Story

NAS conducted focus groups across the country and site visits to various locations to learn what attracts candidates. Our employment brand concept focused on the idea that, as part of the team at an early childhood education center, you are able to “start kids” on their path in life. Each headline includes an appropriate statement (Start Kids Strong, Start Kids Smart, etc.) coupled with a value proposition for the candidate (…and empower your success, …and begin a brilliant career). Engaging photography of children and teachers interacting is included, along with fonts and colors aligned with the organization’s brands.

Career site for education by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Creating a Home

We developed a career site that features our employment concept, showcases the familiar LCG brands and includes job family pages, as well as videos and testimonials. The site also includes our ACTIVATE® platform, with an interactive job search, location map search and events page.

Banner ad and landing page with quick-apply form by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Targeting by Market

When certain markets have a strong need for teachers, we promote the positions through search engine marketing and social (Facebook), targeting by title, demographics, interests and location. These campaigns are driven to a landing page with a quick apply form in order to make it easier for candidates to do just that.

Learning Care Group programmatic advertising campaign by NAS MediaPro

Programmatic Power

Our media strategy focuses on organizing and optimizing pay-for-performance media. NAS Programmatic allows us to segment campaigns by job category and adjust media selection and spend based on what is working best for each respective category. We have also implemented a priority campaign that focuses specifically on low-application requisitions.