Programmatic Advertising for Recruiting

NAS Programmatic

Programmatic media buying allows you to purchase online job ads in real-time, based on preset rules and targeted on a pay-per-click or pay-per-application basis. With NAS Programmatic, you get a partner who can manage the buys, oversee your spend, make the right decisions and understand the results.

The NAS Programmatic Advantage

Targeted ad bidding with NAS MediaPro

We set bids and budgets for your jobs.

Through targeted bidding, your jobs will find the right candidates. We’ll drive traffic to hard-to-fill positions that need more applicants and automatically stop spending on jobs that already have enough responses.

We deliver rich analytics
on your job's performance.

We'll give you more ROI, insight into the performance of your job postings and intelligence for future strategy. You can see total clicks, total applies, cost per click/apply, activity by publisher, day and state or origin, and more.

Job performance analytics with NAS MediaPro
  • Real-Time bidding

    capabilities to reduce cost-per-click

  • Ability to optimize

    your price per click, apply or candidate by key metrics

  • Better budgeting

    with spending that stops when your target or budget is reached

  • Greater efficiency

    by eliminating the need for individual vendor contracts

  • More flexibility

    because jobs can be sponsored/added/switched quickly

  • In-depth analytics

    and downloadable performance reports

The case for NAS Programmatic


Our client had a strong presence on larger job boards and a consistent need to fill sales roles, including at key hiring locations with multiple openings. They needed to expand their current reach, consider new media and gain more flexibility by switching out media sources instead of locking into a few vendors for all needs. And we did not want to overspend or continue to spend on jobs that had already received their quota of applicants.


Our client strategist determined media options, markets and positions to be advertised, then implemented NAS Programmatic to create a customized and effective buying strategy. This allowed us to:

  • Spend only what was required on each job, moving the budget to where it was needed most
  • Reach beyond their usual sources – and determine the quality of each media partner
  • Gain the flexibility to make decisions quickly and implement them immediately
  • Continue to set more competitor bids, modify buying criteria and monitor the campaign to achieve the best results


Spend: $10,000/month
Duration: 3 months
Target: Sales positions across the U.S.

  • After learning that 5% of the jobs were using 32% of the budget, we spread the budget more evenly
  • We decreased targeted media from eight sources down to the three key partners that were providing best ROI
  • We realized an 8% month-over-month decrease in cost-per-apply from the first to the second month
  • Final results yielded impressive numbers: a 25% increase in total clicks and a 3% increase in total completed applications
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