Digital Marketing for Recruiting


  • Google Search costs as little as 40¢ per click for top healthcare organizations
  • Retargeting can bring applicants back for as low as $8 per apply
  • Geofencing targets a specific area, event or competitor for maximum efficiency
There are a multitude of ways to employ digital marketing, and we know all of them. NAS creates digital strategies that reach both active and passive job seekers, raise awareness of your employment brand and ultimately increase completed applications. We’ve worked with clients in all industries, from hospital to retail, restaurant, manufacturing and more.
Job placement digital marketing strategy from NAS Recruitment Innovation
Our Method

We’ll meet with you to assess your needs, then select the right digital medium and leverage empirical data to choose appropriate targeting options.

We’ll develop copy and design elements to communicate your message quickly and effectively, while promoting your employment brand.

We’ll run and monitor the campaign, changing parameters when necessary and providing reports that help you see your success and allocate your budget wisely.

NAS Recruitment Innovation, a Google-certified partner agency

We’re a Google-certified partner agency that has driven clicks in the millions and impressions in the tens of millions.

We can help you leverage Google’s search network, display network and retargeting features to spotlight your organization and attract candidates in your most pressing areas of need.

Copy and design elements reinforce landing page content to attain the highest quality scores from Google, increase campaign efficiency and save you money.

NAS Recruitment Innovation – Google partner
Social Media ad targeting from NAS Recruitment Innovation
Social Media

We’ll tap into Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, depending on your needs and where the candidates you seek are engaging.

NAS can target certain individuals by geographic location, as well as through their likes, interests and behaviors on specific platforms.

For Facebook, we can target passive candidates for hard-to fill positions or create campaigns to promote hiring events, increase your likes and create future organic engagement potential.

We’ll create the perfect destination for your recruiting efforts.

The best digital campaigns take candidates to a targeted landing page that is clearly aligned with their expectations. If your career site does not have such a page to match a recruiting effort and your team cannot quickly put one up, NAS offers a simple and fast solution.

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