Career Site for Retail

A career site that Captivates and captures candidates

Value City Furniture

Value City Furniture (VCF) partnered with NAS to develop a career site that would launch at the same time as their new marketing effort. The marketing approach focused on furniture for the adventures of life, so a brand concept utilizing the same theme for employment made sense.

Career site for retail job family content by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Job Family Content

Our goals for the site were to provide a fast and easy job search, deliver relevant content and sell the unique, appealing aspects of working for VCF. Candidates can easily select their job family (retail, distribution, corporate) and learn what the organization offers in their area. Special features, such as career paths or corporate amenities, add to the experience.

Location job search by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Location Job Search

The site’s job search is powered by ACTIVATE®, the NAS candidate attraction platform. Job seekers can search for the right role using a global map or use various filters to drill down to the best fit for their needs.

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Responsive career site design for mobile by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Responsive Design

Given the large number of mobile views for career content, we designed a fully responsive site and geared our approach to copy and visuals to an audience on the go, seeking quick but high-impact messaging and videos.

Employee video testimonials for retail career site

Employee Video And Testimonials

Throughout the site, we integrated videos and testimonials to personalize the experience and allow current associates to tell their stories about career growth and job satisfaction. These elements are included on most pages, and we’ve also included a message from the CEO.