• Handy Hacks for High-Volume Recruiting

    Posted by Jennifer R. Henley, PHR & SHRM-CP | Chief Customer Officer on January 10th, 2019

    For most organizations, recruiting top talent is no piece of cake, but for the high-volume recruiters, it’s even more daunting. Consider that the average job posting garners 50 applicants, while in high-volume recruitment, job postings draw 250 applicants (source: Jobvite). What resources can you use to give you a leg up on your substantial task? We have a few insights to share:

    Leverage your brand

    “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” (Steve Forbes) The same holds true when it comes to your investment in recruitment branding.

    • Promote your employment brand, relentlessly on all communications, including social: Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Share both personal and professional experiences. It’s what connects us to our world.
    • Give people a reason to connect with your employment brand through all of your media channels—and they’ll share your organic, clever content with their friends and colleagues.
    • Be sure to promote your organization’s unique employment value proposition at every touchpoint with consistency in style, tone and messaging.


    Use technology to automate certain tasks

    In a survey of HR professionals, 85% said business automation is either a top priority or pretty important to their organization in 2018; 55% said improved efficiency is their organization’s primary business motivation for adopting Business Process Management (BPM) technology; and 57% said automating internal processes is their organization’s primary application for BPM technology. In a Jobvite survey, tasks recruiters would like to see automated are:

    • Interview scheduling – 54%
    • Background and reference checks – 52%
    • Analytics measurements – 49%
    • Sourcing candidates – 47%

    Saving time, and ultimately money, with task automation can take a load off of talent acquisition professionals’ already overloaded plates.

    Don’t miss the boat on mobile

    Did you know that Americans are doing one billion job searches from their mobile devices each month? If your career site is not mobile friendly, then you could very well be missing out on quality candidates. In fact,

    • 92% of job seekers are of the opinion that their mobile device is a critical tool for job searching
    • 60% of job seekers look at company career pages from their smartphone or other mobile device
    • 59% of job seekers use mobile to search for jobs at least once every day
    • Only 20% of employers have a mobile-optimized career site

    Clearly, mobile is the go-to method for searching jobs, so recruiters should ensure that their site is optimized for a great candidate experience, giving you a recruitment edge.

    Focus on the long-term

    For the first time in recorded history, the number of job openings is higher than the number of people looking for a job. Because we’re nearing full employment, it’s more important than ever to focus on long-term strategies for your talent pipeline, including:

    • An optimal candidate experience
    • Relationship building
    • Candidate engagement
    • Alumni networks
    • Other high-touch strategies

    By creating a robust talent pipeline recruiters can make hiring the right candidates a less difficult task.


    Jennifer R. Henley, PHR & SHRM-CP | Chief Customer Officer

    Jennifer Henley is a trusted authority in recruitment solutions and consultative client services. She possesses the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and SHRM-CP designations, is a proud member of MAHCR, NAHCR and SHRM, and is a featured speaker at HR communications industry conferences and events nationwide.

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