• The NAS Advantage & the Power of Programmatic Advertising

    Posted by NAS Recruitment Innovation on September 29th, 2023

    Programmatic advertising needs the right minds behind it to work. You need experts who understand recruitment marketing and can manage the buys, oversee your spend and make the right decisions to get the best results. That’s where NAS comes in. With NAS Programmatic Advertising, individuals with years of experience in recruitment marketing and knowledge of the strategies needed to succeed are right by your side.

    Here’s what our current clients are experiencing with Programmatic Advertising strategies:

    • 23% savings in Manufacturing Partnerships
    • 26% savings in Education Partnerships
    • 34% savings in Healthcare Partnerships
    • 53% savings in Retail Partnerships

    What is programmatic advertising? Programmatic advertising is a tool that can dramatically transform your recruitment media through buying, placing, and optimizing job ads using software, rather than people. Programmatic job advertising also helps to eliminate some of the guesswork of traditional job posting strategies.​ In recruitment, we use this software and data to ensure online job ads are in front of the right candidates and at the right price, ensuring a positive ROI.

    Although advertising budgets continue to rise, approximately 40% of job advertising spend is misused. By using programmatic job advertising, we can help to control spending, set rules and track real-time performance data to determine the performance of each job ad. And if a job ad is not performing well, it can be optimized to ensure your spend is used correctly.

    But what makes Programmatic Advertising better than Traditional Advertising? By using programmatic, we can take your advertising funds and expand them across multiple sources. This helps your job postings reach candidates that use different platforms. As candidates click on and apply for your jobs, we can track these interactions and refocus your budget to make sure your money is being spent where you will see the most results. In short, programmatic means automated distribution of your recruitment spend to where it is most needed. It represents a proactive strategy and a new way of thinking that allows you to:

    • Purchase online job ads in real-time, based on preset rules and targeted on a pay-per-click or pay-per-app basis
    • Optimize price per candidate by key metrics that you define
    • Spread budget allocation across target jobs
    • Stop wasting ad spend on non-converting jobs

    NAS has partnered with several major organizations to implement programmatic strategies. Here are a few examples of how our clients have benefited from Programmatic Advertising:


    Implementing a holistic programmatic and recruitment marketing strategy for The Boyd Group, we doubled resumes and halved the cost per application within six months. Get the details here.


    A programmatic strategy from NAS delivered more flexibility, greater reach and better results. Read the whole story here.


    Refreshing a client’s programmatic program, we increased applications and decreased cost per click. Learn more here.


    What can NAS Programmatic Advertising do for you?

    • Optimize your budget to increase clicks and applications.
    • Decrease cost per click and cost per apply.
    • Create greater efficiency by eliminating the need for individual vendor contracts (i.e. Indeed, ZipRecruiter).
    • Boost your ROI with quality applicants.
    • Budget more effectively by stopping spending when your target or budget is reached.
    • Optimize your campaigns with multiple set-up options, which allows NAS to create a campaign that works best based on your jobs and their locations.
    • Provide agency expert management, including performance insights, recommendations and daily monitoring.
    • Understand your data and performance through monthly/quarterly reporting.


    Ready to see the difference with Programmatic Advertising? Contact NAS today!


    Written by: Kristin Cooper, Kristen Young, and Stephanie Varney

    NAS Recruitment Innovation

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