• Strategies for Healthcare Hiring in 2024

    Posted by Ashley Kauffman on March 5th, 2024

    Talent acquisition in the healthcare industry presents more challenges than most fields. Healthcare systems have high expectations of their talent to provide the best care possible to all patients. This means there’s a lot of pressure on talent acquisition teams to attract the best candidates as quickly as possible. NAS is here to provide a few strategies for healthcare hiring in 2024.

    Strategy #1

    Leverage Your Employer Brand

    Employer branding can make or break your talent acquisition and retention. With authentic and differentiated messaging, you can stand out and inspire the right talent to apply.

    • Make sure that potential candidates know what makes your organization a great place to work. Want to learn more about becoming an employer of choice? Read our blog post here.
    • Highlight your mission and values so job seekers know what sets you apart.
    • Showcase benefits and perks that you offer to employees.
    • Include photos, testimonials, and videos to give candidates an authentic look at you.
    • Be sure to tell the story about diversity, inclusion, and equity at your company.

    Not sure where to start with Employer Branding? Read our blog post!

    Strategy #2

    Use Targeted Job Postings

    Targeted job postings let your candidates know you are speaking directly to them. Be sure to use language that appeals to healthcare professionals. Highlight the impact the role will have on patients and the community, and how it ties to the company’s mission. Provide details on responsibilities, as well as growth and development opportunities.

    Strategy #3

    Utilize Employee Referrals

    Referred employees stay 45% longer than employees hired through job boards or career sites.

    Source: TalentLyft

    One simple, yet often forgotten, strategy is to utilize employee referrals. Encouraging current employees to refer their colleagues and friends for open positions can lead to not just higher quality candidates, but also candidates who want to stay with your organization. Often, employers will leave their employee referral programs (ERPs) unpromoted, losing out on a host of potential candidates.

    Want more information on ERPs? Check out our blog post.

    Strategy #4

    Revisit Campus Recruitment

    37% of organizations will be extending their college recruiting cycle by starting it earlier and ending it later.

    Source: NACE

    Not only are employers expanding their campus recruitment duration, but they are doing it with gusto by creating strong, eye-catching collateral, building captivating content messaging, and utilizing geofencing campaigns to optimize their efforts. Keep in mind as you develop your messaging and collateral that Gen Z will be your primary target on campus, so it’s important to utilize strategies, messaging, and design factors that appeal to this generation. Key messages for Gen Z include:

    • Pay and compensation
    • Ability to advance in my career
    • Benefits
    • Having fun at my job
    • Company commitment to DEI
    • Company commitment to sustainability

    For more information on Campus Recruiting, read our blog post here.

    What’s Next?

    Want more healthcare hiring strategies? Our eBook, Ten Essential Strategies for Hiring in Healthcare, offers a more in-depth look at the four strategies in this blog, as well as an additional six strategies to help you reach your healthcare hiring goals. Download our full eBook here [link to eBook].

    NAS is a full-service agency with a strong specialization in healthcare. We can build you an employment brand that captivates your audience, create a career site with a better candidate experience, and build and implement strategies to motivate your candidates. Ready to learn how we can help optimize your healthcare recruiting strategies?

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    Ashley Kauffman

    As Director of Analytics with NAS Recruitment Innovation, Ashley works closely with our clients to help them strategize on recruiting A-level talent based on data intelligence. Ashley focuses on telling a story for our clients in a way that not only validates their current strategy, but also anticipates future opportunities. Whether your goal is delivering effective employment brands, career sites and social media strategies, or comprehensive online or traditional ad campaigns, Ashley leverages her ten plus years of industry experience to achieve success and exceed client expectations.

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