• 5 signs you should invest in Google AdWords

    Posted by NAS Recruitment Innovation on March 17th, 2016


    Making your way in the world of likes, link clicks and love is tough. Fortunately, Google AdWords is here to help us all.

    The purpose of a Google campaign is to drive more traffic to specified pages while establishing page authority on the world’s largest search engine and most visited website. On average, 89% of the traffic delivered by a paid search campaign would not have visited the site without the campaign. Advertising with Google allows you to control your message, own your search engine results page and build your career brand, while reaching the candidates you desire.  

    Google is a pay-per-click model, which means companies only pay when the candidate engages and clicks on the listing. This is important, because you are getting interested candidates – not just serving impressions or views to uninterested candidates. So, how can you capture the users relevant to your company out of the nearly six billion searches per day?

    Here are the top five signs you should invest in a Google AdWords campaign.

    1. You face heavy competition in your industry.

    Many companies (NAS included) now employ SEO wizards to get companies listed on Google’s first page of results. This breeds fierce competition, and the easiest way to bypass a team of wizards is to pay to get listed above them. With carefully chosen keywords that are highly relevant to your product and/or service and someone to test and refine based on results, the most cost-effective options are only a couple of clicks away.

    2. You’re new to the market or have a new career page.

    You’ve just created a great webpage. All the time you spent fostering an engaging environment for your audience is wasted if that audience is not able to find you. Google AdWords will not only put you in front of that audience; Google’s algorithm will notice this exposure and rank your webpage within the organic search listings accordingly.


    3. You need both measurability and flexibility.

    The transparency of Google AdWords provides a panoramic view of what your audience is clicking on, who these visitors are, how that relates to your budget and everything in-between. The resources within AdWords make testing easy to provide the highest ROI. It can also be integrated with Google Analytics on your website, which aids in the tracking metrics and conversion data.

    4. You’d like to test new landing pages or publicize an event.

    Does your message resonate with your chosen audience? The quickest way to find out is to DRIVE traffic to your landing page and use analytics to tell you the story. Google AdWords is the perfect, quick turnaround tool for testing your landing pages and raising event awareness.

    5. You want to reach passive job seekers.

    Google states that their display network reaches upwards of 90% of internet users in the U.S. – which works out to displaying ads on over two million of our favorite websites. Utilizing the display network to run your ads can raise brand awareness and reach job seekers who are currently not looking for employment by targeting them on webpages that are relevant to their interests and/or profession.

    Need some assistance? NAS is a fully certified Google Partner agency and has an expert on staff (me) who can recommend, implement, monitor and refine SEM and PPC campaigns, including Facebook promoted posts and events, as well as Google Ads. Get in touch and we’ll create a campaign that works for you.

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