• What is Candidate Relationship Management?

    Posted by NAS Recruitment Innovation on May 29th, 2024

    As a Talent Acquisition Professional, you’ve probably heard of Candidate Relationship Management, but did you know a strong CRM strategy and system can help you meet your hiring goals? Continue reading to learn what CRM is, why it is vital in creating a great candidate experience and how it can help you!

    What is CRM?

    Candidate Relationship Management, or CRM, encapsulates the hiring process and every touchpoint you have with a candidate, including job ad, interview and offer. CRM can help you shift from just filling jobs and attracting candidates, to nurturing and building a community of top talent before the jobs are even posted. In short, a CRM is the ideal solution for creating a stronger applicant-employer relationship.

    To get the most out of your CRM strategy, it’s important to incorporate an effective CRM system. A CRM system can help you with your hiring goals in many ways, including sourcing, organizing and nurturing on a continuous cycle – amplifying every part of the recruitment process no matter what stage of the job search process a candidate is in.

    Why is CRM Important?

    Building strong relationships with candidates is crucial, whether they’re active job seekers or passive prospects. Recruitment marketing software incorporates a robust CRM system that automates communication with active and passive candidates and enables personalized candidate journeys. Automated processes help save you time by removing the need to manually send emails, updates and notifications to keep candidates engaged throughout their journey, even if they’re not currently looking for a job. Personalized candidate journeys tailor the experience based on individual preferences and interactions, fostering a sense of connection and enhanced relevance. Furthermore, nurture campaigns maintain candidate interest over time, ensuring that your organization remains top of mind when they’re ready to make a move.

    NAS ACTIVATE, our recruitment marketing platform, incorporates ACTIVATE CRM functionality designed to allow you to contact and market your organization and opportunities to individuals who opt in for communications through your Talent Network or other methods. You can send email and text campaigns, work from branded templates, create landing pages with quick-capture forms, build a strong candidate database and, ultimately, source and learn from analytics for your outreach efforts.

    What can a CRM do for me?

    A CRM shifts the model from reactive to proactive, so no time goes underutilized while funneling candidates. CRMs can dramatically improve the candidate experience throughout the recruitment process, including screening, communicating and hiring.

    Here are just a few things having a strong CRM strategy and system can do for you:

    1. Automatically educate and share information with your community of job seekers.
    2. Place talent into communities based on the criteria you set and use advanced searches or filters to create segmented groups based on specific attributes.
    3. Keep passive talent in a nurture program, so candidates will be informed and encouraged to follow through when relevant opportunities arise.
    4. Stay engaged with your candidates by keeping them up to date on hiring events and new developments at your company.
    5. Customize your marketing campaigns to reflect your employer branding and build brand recognition and affinity.

    Ready to ACTIVATE® your candidate relationship management? NAS ACTIVATE CRM makes candidate relationships easy and fun! We’ll help you build a database of top-tier talent and nurture them through a strong communications strategy that sets you apart as an employer.

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