• What’s new in ACTIVATE for Q1 2018

    Posted by NAS Recruitment Innovation on March 1st, 2018


    At NAS, we understand that HR recruitment is always evolving and technology must continually rise to meet new challenges. That’s why we continue to make significant enhancements to our candidate attraction platform. ACTIVATE™ is a proprietary, cloud-based solution that combines intuitive job search functionality with career site content. It is designed to make your career site candidate-friendly, while offering your recruiting team significant advantages that make their jobs easier, too.

    Recent upgrades to the ACTIVATE™ platform include:

    Job Search

    • On a Job Details page, you can now add a “Jobs You May Like” tool at the bottom of the page to direct candidates to similar jobs (based on keyword, location and other factors related to the job candidates are currently viewing).
    • Featured Jobs can be placed at the top of a Job Results page; when candidates are performing a search and there is a featured job in the dashboard that matches their search criteria, the result will appear at the top of the list. This gives even more visibility to Featured Jobs.
    • Featured Groups allows you to post multiple single positions by group, displayed to give more jobs in a specific area more visibility. Featured Groups can also be displayed on your career site home page, as well as individual career site pages within ACTIVATE™, such as a job family page (Nursing, Corporate, etc.).
    • Posted Date feature allows candidates to search for jobs posted Today, 14 days, 30 days and Any.


    • Candidates now have the ability to search events by date, type or location.
    • We can also implement an RSVP and registration for events. Our Event Registration and Management tools offers the option to send a QR code to candidates to be scanned at check in, an email with “add to calendar” feature and email reminders prior to the event.


    • We’ve added a Find Me feature that drops a pin on the geographic map where a candidate is physically located (based on IP address, GPS or other means) and shows the jobs in the immediate vicinity.
    • We can add a Location Search box on the map. Candidates enter a location and the map will immediately display results within a defined area. This saves a number of clicks and eliminates the need to drill down through pinpoints.
    • Geolocation Mapping: We’ve added a Get Directions feature on the Job Details page, linking candidates to a Google map that shows a pinpoint of job location and offers the ability to get detailed directions.
    • Designate locations with jobs/no jobs: You have the option of visually differentiating between locations where jobs exist and those that do not have a current opening. You can “gray out” or hide locations with no jobs so the user will only be able to click on pinpoints for locations that have open jobs.

    Talent Network

    • Candidates are now able to select the career areas and locations for which they want to receive job alerts, rather than just the career areas (as before). They can establish up to 10 search combinations, if they choose.
    • We offer the option to add Resume Upload to the “opt-in” information in the Talent Network, to capture candidate resumes.
    • An optional feature (at additional cost) offers the potential for resume parsing to search for specific candidates, as well as a candidate matching feature that allows the recruiter to match specific jobs to a candidate’s qualifications and then send those jobs to that individual.

    Transform your career site into a candidate attraction platform. Contact NAS today to schedule an ACTIVATE™ demo.

    NAS Recruitment Innovation

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