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    Posted by NAS Recruitment Innovation on October 25th, 2018


    Recruitment marketing can send chills down your spine when the unexpected hits. Problems can creep up on you and challenges often need to be solved ASAP. In honor of Halloween, we asked the NAS team to tell their scariest recruitment stories and how they fixed the frightening for our clients.

    Tracy O’Neal | Account Director

    Scary Situation:
    My client’s career site provider contract was expiring at the end of the month. Meanwhile, the client did not have a new solution in place. They needed an interim way to handle job-seeker site traffic while they transitioned to a new career site.

    Spooktacular Solution:
    NAS quickly developed a landing page rolling out the client’s new employment brand, and linked job seekers to the client’s ATS. This strategy provided a seamless user experience, and allowed the client and NAS the necessary time to develop additional content for their full career site. 

    Katie Gallagher | Account Director

    Scary Situation:
    My client was struggling with conversions of job views into applies. We were seeing particular challenge within three components: their job titles, job details and application process, especially on a mobile device.

    Spooktacular Solution:
    We implemented our programmatic media buying solution and our product is doing its job; bringing tons of candidates to the site and moving them into the job listings within the framework of a seamless experience. This client also took advantage of our job rewrite services. I have put our clients to task to truly take a look at their job details formatting, and be careful with copying and pasting, because at times I’ve seen the wrong job descriptions for the position they have listed. SCARY!

    Ashley Kauffman | Director of Client Services

    Scary Situation:
    We had a client who wanted to hire 40 nurses in 40 days! It was certainly a challenge, considering they had no strategy in place, no unique employment brand, limited external advertising and a less-than-friendly career site.

    Spooktacular Solution:
    We quickly moved on this and were able to put together a comprehensive, multi-prong strategy, full employment branding messaging, supporting internal communications and even launch a landing page that helped drive traffic. Considering their previous average of less than 200 visits to the landing page, our campaigns drove 3,800 unique visits within the 40-day time period.

    Erin Duffy | Client Service Coordinator

    Scary Situation:
    An international brand was opening a new facility in Indiana and our client, their logistics provider, needed to make 300 new hires for the opening of this facility between Material Handlers, Forklift Operators, Team Leads and Janitorial positions.

    Spooktacular Solution:
    To announce the hiring event, we decided to implement a three-prong solution: newspaper (which included online), billboards and radio. Because of the large number of hires they needed to make, online options were extremely expensive. Using the tactics we chose for this rural area allowed for us to target a broad range of candidates in a more cost-effective way. In another instance, this client also requested help with hiring for truckers. Radio and billboard were our best options here to target current truckers who spend their time on the road, passing billboards and listening to the radio.

    And of course super scary Sean brings it home with his terrifying tale of a horrifying hiring event…

    Sean Bain | Account Director

    One day not too long ago, what turned out to be a very dreary, dark and foggy day, my client approached me with a spooky proposition: to very quickly pull together 3 Hiring Events, in 3 different cities for a vast group of different modalities for this health care system client. They wanted to throw anything and everything they could at this event, and we knew it would have to involve some serious NAS witchcraft.

    So, with very short notice, no strategy in place, no supporting collateral and still needing to schedule all components of this project, clearly the sky darkened and the spirits of failure and stress started to rise as the Cauldron of Chaos reared its ugly head and I cursed at the sky.

    Needless to say, with the well-equipped team we have and the years of experience and expertise not to panic, the Ghostbusters (the NAS team) got to work. As part of this request, in addition to the lengthy list of modalities (literally hundreds of job openings), the short notice, 3 events to support and the many hiring needs that they had, NAS pulled together a Witches’ Brew in record time. Eye of newt, skeleton bones and ghost peppers were in the soup, but the main ingredients took it over the top. Our recipe:

    • Indeed Event Posting
    • Texting Campaign
    • Using existing collateral from two vendors and transforming it into a bold, new flavor with fresh creative direction, design and copy to create LinkedIn and Glassdoor Targeted Ads
    • Ensuring that any/all related REQs were appearing within this client’s MediaPro (Programmatic) campaign

    We also briefed the client’s team regarding sourcing methods, revisited past applications in their ATS and reviewed their Talent Network for any/all candidates of interest in 3 surrounding areas.

    • For the three locations, there were 15 offer accepts and 20+ offers pending verbal acceptance
    • 279 attendees for the 3 Hiring Events
    • And, we still have more offers coming through

    Our Witches’ Brew worked and turned out to be the perfect recipe to drive candidates to our client’s hiring events. 

    Are you facing any frightening challenges in your recruitment efforts? Contact NAS to learn more about our comprehensive suite of recruitment technology solutions.

    NAS Recruitment Innovation

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