• The Power of Social Media for Recruiting

    Posted by Allison Padgett on April 22nd, 2021



    Social media plays a key role as a high-performing channel in every customer-facing and employee-facing aspect of communications. Companies that understand how to unlock the value of social media are in a better position to meet candidates’ needs. And the importance of social media in recruiting continues to grow. An Adweek report suggests that 92% of recruiters use social media and the share of companies that uses social media for recruiting has increased to 84%.

    Social media usage is growing.
    Social media user numbers jumped by more than 13% over the past year, with nearly half a million new users. This increase took the global total to almost 4.2 billion by the start of 2021. On average, more than 1.3 million new users joined social media every single day during 2020. That breaks down to roughly 15½ new users every single second.

    Where are those billions of social media users spending their time? In 2020, Facebook was the leading social network platform. It includes 3 billion of 4.2 billion social media users worldwide. In fact, Facebook usage has increased 77% from 2015 to 2020! YouTube and WhatsApp follow FaceBook with 2 billion, and then we have Messenger, WeChat, Instagram and TikTok all coming in at 1 billion or more users each.

    What are people doing on social?
    Let’s look at some social media behaviors for a moment. This is really where the stats start to get interesting. The three that impact your company are the following:

    • 2 hours and 25 minutes. This is the average amount of time that users spend per day on social media.
    • 8 accounts. That is the average number of social media accounts each user is actively using.
    • 40%. This is the percentage of internet users who use social media for work purposes.

    Social stats

    Think about it: of the 4.2 billion active social media users, 40% are using it for some type of work purpose such as networking, job research, applying for jobs and more. And they’re doing it across 8 different social accounts! This would include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and more.

    • 28% of social media users discover companies they may not have been aware of through paid social ads. Once they make this discovery and realize there is a job that they are interested in, they are going to begin their research about the position and the company itself.
    • 44% are conducting their research on various social networks. Since more than 70% of professionals out there are PASSIVE job seekers, you need to be actively posting to your social accounts. Then, when they start their research, they can see the type of company you are and why it would be great to work with you.

    Why you need paid social advertising.
    I’m frequently asked why I recommend paid advertising on Facebook instead of only posting on your Facebook wall. That’s easy…Facebook has an ever-changing algorithm that really makes it challenging to connect organically with users who like your page.

    With Facebook sponsored post advertising, your company can get your posts in front of users who may be interested in your brand but don’t currently like your page…or even users who don’t know about you but are familiar with your competitors.

    This really gives you the ability to focus on those passive job seekers. Statistics show us that only 5% of organic posts receive engagement, whereas sponsored posts have a 28% user engagement. That’s a 23% increase in likes, shares, saves and comments!

    Let’s talk about Facebook.
    Sponsored Facebook posts drive qualified traffic to your career site where candidates can fill out an application. The campaign is designed to build your audience, generate interest in your brand and create awareness in the available positions you have to fill. With customized targeting, the campaign allows your company to keep up with not only your current audience, but also your future audience and your competition.

    Facebook image

    Facebook offers a multitude of options for targeting your audience. This is where our team of experts can really jump in and help.

    • We find the best markets to pull qualified candidates from. We research and carefully select relevant groups, fan pages and audiences related to the positions the campaign is promoting.
    • Our creative team creates a brief description of your company and the position being offered.
    • We work with you to produce an engaging image that will capture the attention of the candidate.
    • Finally, we create a CLEAR call-to-action. This learn more or apply now button appears near the bottom of the ad. When a candidate clicks this button, it takes them to the specified career landing page of the site.

    Facebook offers several types of paid ads. The one we use most often is the Link Click Ad. The great thing about this type of ad is that it can be supported through not only Facebook, but also your Instagram account (which is typically connected to your Facebook page). Because you can use this type of ad with several placements, it allows you to deliver the same message across multiple news feeds and reach a larger audience at the same time.

    Where social fits on the candidate journey.
    Finding a new job can be challenging. We’ve all been there. Candidates are hoping to find that job at the perfect company that is meant for them.

    Candidate Journey

    Check out this visual of the candidate journey. In Steps 1, 3 and 6, candidates are researching your company and open to any messages you may be offering. For a candidate, the journey starts well before they apply for the job, and it doesn’t finish until after the company has made an offer.

    Now that we have an understanding of the candidate journey and where social fits into it, let’s look at the bigger picture – your company’s overall social strategy. When it comes to social media, not all companies are executing optimally and some don’t have the right internal resources. This is where a recruitment marketing agency like NAS can assist, no matter what your current situation is. Some of the key steps include:

    • Reviewing your social presence not only through your career site, but also on select major social platforms
    • Researching your reputation data from specific review sites
    • Benchmarking your company against your top competitors
    • Using that data to develop a custom approach to either build or enhance your social media strategy
    • Filling the gap by executing and managing your strategy where necessary
    • Finally, optimizing and measuring the performance of the campaigns

    NAS has prepared a social media infographic that really tells the story of how important social media is for your recruitment marketing efforts. Check it out. And if you would like to further discuss the topic, feel free to contact us and we’ll set up a convenient time to talk.

    Allison Padgett

    As Director of Digital Marketing for NAS, Allison brings over 20 years’ experience to the team. She specializes in PPC/SEM and social where she brings her expertise in planning, strategy, execution, and analyzing, by creating employment marketing campaigns for numerous NAS clients. Not only is Allison determined and motivated about her work, she is also a very dedicated wife and mother to two children. Any free time she gets, you can find her volunteering at the school helping children read or spending time with her family.

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