• 75th Spotlight: Mike Warner – Project Manager

    Posted by NAS Recruitment Innovation on January 20th, 2023

    As part of our 75th anniversary, we’re highlighting some of our tenured talent and sharing their insights. Mike Warner has been with NAS for 23 years. Mike has worked for several teams within NAS, and he brings that experience to his current role as Project Manager.


    When did you join NAS and what do you remember most about your first days here?

    I started at NAS on March 29th, 1999. I remember the hustle and bustle and just how busy it was. It was my first real job out of college, and it was the first time I was really immersed in the advertising world. At the time, everything revolved around newspaper deadlines. As the deadline approached, everything would switch into high gear and the energy was great.


    What was the recruitment industry like at that time and what did you do in your role at the start?

     When I joined NAS, we only focused on print ads (newspaper, trade magazines, brochures, etc.). I started at NAS as a production artist. There was one point when I was overseeing 17 production artists at one time and that led to me being the department head. As print ads slowed down, however, my team got smaller and smaller, which lead to me transitioning into a new role. Over my time at NAS, I have had several positions, including things from project management to digital ads.


    What is the biggest change in recruitment marketing over the course of your career with NAS?

    The biggest change was the transition from print ads to a more digital focus. The strategies have become much more programmatic and digital as opposed to the ads in the newspaper. Now we focus on what is online, including career sites. We continue to do some print ads and brochures, but a these are in lesser demand.


    What are some things NAS has done to take your role and our industry into the future?

     NAS has always adapted over the years. I remember one time we had invited consultants in to help us streamline the way we did things because we always want to be improving. Our focus might have changed to digital ads, but the quality of work we do for our clients will not change.


    Can you tell me about one of the most interesting or enjoyable challenges you took on in your career at NAS?

     I have gone through a lot of transition periods in my career, especially from the print team to the digital team. Now I am moving from a role in the digital team to a project manager position. These transitions have allowed me to always be learning new things.


    What is most exciting about your role and the industry today? Where do you see NAS (and your role) going in the future?

     Interacting with my coworkers and colleagues has always been enjoyable. My job is never static, and I am constantly learning new things. There are always new challenges to embrace, which means it is never boring here. In the future, I see NAS continuing to grow our digital offerings. I think we will expand our digital products and the demand for new career sites will continue to grow.


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