• Working for NAS: A New Perspective

    Posted by NAS Recruitment Innovation on February 6th, 2023

    For our 75th anniversary celebration, we have been showcasing our amazing tenured talent. But we want to give you a different perspective. We recently asked our newer NAS employees a few questions about their experience at NAS. Here are some of their answers:


    “I was referred to NAS from a colleague that I know would be an amazing team member. I appreciate the competitive salary, 100% remote work and generous work life balance. I love that the company puts in effort and gives team members the chance to get to know each other. Whether it’s group meetings, slack discussions or coffee chats, I feel like I know my teammates even though I haven’t met them in person (yet!).”

    “I was excited to join NAS because I knew this job would utilize the skills I developed in previous positions, but it was different enough to be an exciting challenge. I love the people and the employee-focused culture! The people are amazing and the support the company give its employees is such a refreshing work environment.”

    “I appreciate NAS’s vision for the future and attitude toward work/life balance. It’s mostly a remote team, but we are closer together and have a better work culture than many in-person offices. My team was very supportive when I got COVID after starting at NAS. They helped me dive right back in when I was healthy and you can tell NAS genuinely puts its employees first.”

    “The people at NAS treat you like a person. There is a uniquely genuine quality to all the conversations that really draws you in. There is a variety of work I get to do and I learn something new every day. I have the autonomy to manage my own schedule with great support from my teammates. The way NAS sets measurable, agreed upon goals helps keep me focused and makes me feel valued and like I matter.”

    “I love NAS’s core values that encourage collaboration, transparency, and ego-free team members. Many NAS employees have been here 20+ years, and that was a huge motivator to work here. I’m also surrounded (remotely) by talented people and fantastic mentors. I learn something new every day. I’m given the freedom and autonomy to do my work, but my coworkers still reach out daily to check in. I love that NAS promotes kindness and makes us feel appreciated. I feel like my work here matters. I feel like I matter!”

    “I came to NAS because I wanted to work with a collaborative team of like-minded, smart, hard-working people. I was also excited about the opportunity to work with different clients after having worked in-house for years. At NAS, you’re given autonomy, but you’re not thrown to the wolves and expected to thrive on your own. You have the support of everyone from the top down.”

    “I love the remote aspect of NAS. I get to work with people from all over the country and learn something new every day. Even though we all work remotely, I’ve still been able to connect with some colleagues on a personal level which makes work that much better.”

    “When I was in the market for a new job, I knew I wanted to work for an organization that was innovative and offered expansive services to a large client portfolio. I feel like NAS is one of the few companies that works hard to treat its employees like valuable assets who are pivotal to overall success. I had meetings with all of the leadership team, including the COO, in my first few days on the job, and my voice was heard in all of those conversations. I also love being able to create new branding for clients, and there is no better feeling than presenting concepts to clients and having them LOVE our work. That’s why I love what I do!”

    “My first week at NAS, I was shocked when I had meetings with leaders from all over the company, including the COO. I immediately felt welcomed and connected to the company, especially my team. I had so many projects in my first few weeks, but I absolutely loved hitting the ground running. I appreciate that I get to try things and brainstorm with an awesome team. Even though we’re remote, we really support each other. NAS has shown me what it feels like to be a valued employee.”


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