• 75th Spotlight: Debbie Hall – Account Coordinator

    Posted by NAS Recruitment Innovation on April 10th, 2023

     As part of our 75th anniversary, we’re highlighting some of our tenured talent and sharing their insights. Debbie Hall has been with NAS for 33 years and currently works as an Account Coordinator.


    When did you join NAS and what do you remember most about your first days here? 

    I started at NAS in 1989. I remember being so young and our office was in downtown Cleveland. I remember feeling so grown up going downtown for work. Everyone was so nice and welcoming from the get-go. I shared so many memories with my colleagues at NAS and I even keep in touch with the employee who interviewed me.


    What was the recruitment industry like at that time and what did you do in your role at the start and how did it evolve?

    Back when I first started, I was in the accounting department in a “checker” role. I made sure clients were billed correctly and performed other clerical duties. I remember newspapers being such a huge part of what we did and now they are so outdated. After a couple of years, I moved into accounts payable. I was cross-trained in so many different aspects of accounting. I worked in the accounting department for 25 years before moving into client services.


    What is the biggest change in recruitment marketing over the course of your career with NAS? Where do you see NAS going in the future?

    NAS is a forward-thinking and very resilient company that will always adapt to the industry. There have been continuous improvements and updates to the platform that will continue to make NAS competitive in the industry. I expect more digital products, more expansion and continued growth.


    Can you tell me about an enjoyable memory you had while at NAS? Can you tell me about one of the most interesting challenges you took on in your career at NAS?

    I used to love the huge team meetings when everyone would come into Cleveland for a couple days and we would all get to catch up and do social activities together. It was so nice to make personal connections with the team. My greatest challenge was making the transition from all my years in accounting to client services. I was really nervous to make the move, but my teammates really motivated me and reassured me that I could handle it. I took the job and now I love it!


    What is most exciting about your role?

    I love helping my teammates. It’s fun to be able to work together the way that we do and push toward the end result our clients need.


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