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    Posted by NAS Recruitment Innovation on May 19th, 2016


    While NAS Talent Talk is our very favorite blog, the team here likes to keep up to date with all of the other experts within the recruitment marketing and technology landscape. This week, we provide you with links to some of our other favorite blogs. Check them out and let us know what your favorites are!

    Matt Adam, Executive Vice President and Chief Talent Strategist, selects:

    Unbridled Talent

    Jennifer McClure is very upbeat and has experience as a true practitioner in our industry. She speaks and consults and always keeps current on recruiting trends.

    Laurie Ruettimann 

    Laurie Ruettimann offers a hilarious perspective and is very ‘non-PC’ in the HR world. She weaves in her personal and professional life in a very entertaining way.

    Sean Bain, Account Director, selects:


    This blog offers sound advice to candidates, which helps me to learn and stay ahead of trends. It touches on the power of social media for talent, and also works from the concept that every job is temporary – which provides security to people like us.


    This blog not only discusses some of the concerns, issues and difficulties within sourcing, but also provides solutions. For example, a recent post dealt with retention within the healthcare space. That kind of information is valuable to us – and our clients.


    Nancy Caputo, Account Director, selects:

    Social Media Examiner 

    I am all about social, and this blog offers ‘how-to’ information on that topic.  Every day, I learn something new, and I utilize the tips to identify ideas for my clients’ strategies.

    Tina Gotter, Account Director, selects:

    Fistful of Talent

    I like the variety of posts from industry experts and insights into the ever-changing landscape of recruitment that you can find in this popular blog that is focused on talent management professionals.

    Jennifer Henley, Vice President of Client Services, selects:


    I like TLNT because it’s a ‘one-stop shop’ for everything HR, with news, insights and information from experts and thought leaders. Plus, they’re very active on social channels, so you can get current updates via Facebook or Twitter.

    Maureen Laventure, Director, NW Region and Canada, selects:

    Ryan Estis

    In addition to being a former executive at NAS, Ryan is an excellent writer and has a deep understanding of our space. He writes from a very personal perspective and connects through his work with a lot of industry thought leaders. Another NAS alumni, Lynn Mandinec, guest-blogs and her insights are also informative and interesting.

    Phil Ridolfi, Chief Executive Officer, selects:

    The Tim Sackett Project

    I like Tim Sackett’s blog because he is very authentic and funny in his delivery. He’s not afraid to take a stance on a topic and defend it, and he often reviews new technology offerings.

    Jason Rellick, Regional Vice President, selects:

    The Undercover Recruiter 

    The audience for this blog is both recruiters and candidates. It takes a good look at the candidate experience and how it can shape an employer’s recruitment process. For example, a recent post provided tips for new graduates that could also be enlightening for our client partners.

    Laura Turlington, Account Director, selects:

    Talent Smart 

    Although not strictly related to recruiting, I like this blog because it is more about emotions and intelligence and how to translate those attributes into the workplace. 

    Jason Weinhaus, Director, Business Development, selects:

    Good to Know: Ways of Seeing Recruitment (https://recruiter.wordpress.com/)

    Martin Burns is a Talent Acquisitions Leader at PwC. His blog covers a wide range of topics and issues related to recruitment. It’s a great read for anyone in the recruitment space.

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