• Take the hassle out of hard-to-fill jobs

    Posted by Ashley Kauffman on October 20th, 2016


    For HR professionals, there’s always a handful of hard-to fill positions. Not enough candidates, too much competition, too much demand for the role. How can you take the “hard” out of hard to fill? Consider the following ABCs for filling those pesky positions.

    A is for Assessment

    A little research goes a long way when you are trying to recruit for a difficult-to-fill position. Gathering market data will help you understand who and what you are up against and will enable you to craft a winning recruitment strategy. Your research should answer some important questions, such as:

    • How does my salary for this position compare to my competitors?
    • What is the job volume and candidate supply for this position?
    • Who are my competitors and how many of them do I have for this role?
    • Where is the highest concentration of new grads for this candidate?
    • What is the average number of days that equivalent job postings remain online?
    • Where is the strongest pool of candidates who have the skill sets I require?
    • What are the best niche job board sites that will provide me with the candidates I need?

    By answering these questions, you can create a highly targeted strategy to recruit your hard-to-fill position.

    B is for Broaden

    Not every candidate you seek will be available in your local market. Once you determine where your likely candidates are, you can broaden your search regionally or nationally, depending on what your research tells you.

    In addition, you should broaden your tactics beyond just postings. Although online sites are the first go-to, don’t forget trade publications, direct mail and social media, as well as mobile texting.

    C is for Communicate

    It is important to communicate effectively in order to engage difficult-to-recruit candidates. Review your job description. Is it truly telling the story of your organization and providing strong reasons why the candidate should join your team? Make sure your job description:

    • Follows best practice for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Communicates your culture to ensure a good candidate fit
    • Sells your location for non-local recruitment
    • Provides hooks, such as sign-on bonuses or relocation assistance, if they are available
    • Clearly and concisely states the major function of the position and position requirements
    • Prominently displays a call to action that is quick and easy for the applicant
    • Features key attractors/benefits, such as performance bonuses, flexible scheduling, work-at-home options or on-site amenities

    D is for Don’t

    Okay, D was not supposed to be a part of the equation, but think of it as a bonus. D is for don’t. Don’t be afraid to try something new – a new strategy, vendor, partnership, Pay Per Applicant – whatever it takes to get the job done.

    If you’d like some help with a hard-to-fill job, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

    Ashley Kauffman

    As Director of Analytics with NAS Recruitment Innovation, Ashley works closely with our clients to help them strategize on recruiting A-level talent based on data intelligence. Ashley focuses on telling a story for our clients in a way that not only validates their current strategy, but also anticipates future opportunities. Whether your goal is delivering effective employment brands, career sites and social media strategies, or comprehensive online or traditional ad campaigns, Ashley leverages her ten plus years of industry experience to achieve success and exceed client expectations.

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