• 75th Spotlight: Steve McGowan – Associate Creative Director

    Posted by NAS Recruitment Innovation on October 20th, 2022

    As part of our 75th anniversary celebration, NAS is highlighting some of our tenured talent and sharing their insights on the evolution of recruitment marketing. We would love to introduce you to our Associate Creative Director, Steve McGowan, who has been with NAS for 29 years.


    When did you join NAS and what do you remember most about your first days here?

    I joined NAS in 1993 as a college intern. I remember the office being located downtown. On my first day, I felt like I had a very important job being in the hustle and bustle of downtown Cleveland.

    What was the recruitment industry like at that time and what did you do in your role at the start?

    At the time, it was all classified ads. We really focused on one column in the back of the classified section. Our business was thriving at that time, so we did creative for free and earned on the media commissions. I was a graphic designer and only one person on my team had a computer when I started. Mostly, it was all drawing and then a camera would take a picture of the art and it would be faxed to the newspaper.

    What is the biggest change in recruitment marketing over the course of your career with NAS?

    When everything went digital, and we started turning from a classified ad agency to exploring web and digital solutions. At that time, we had to adapt. Communicating with candidates is the same, but it’s done in different ways. We must always be thinking strategically. Nothing is static, your strategies become more media-based and fluid.

    How has your role/career evolved?

    I moved to a more strategic role in leadership when I became a director. I still have to take on the same number of tasks and produce work, but I just had to find a different balance. I like to challenge myself, so it has been great.

    Can you tell me about one of the most interesting or enjoyable challenges you took on in your career at NAS?

    I would probably say just keeping up with technology changes and learning new applications. I am always seeking to understand new things and adapt to them, which has really shaped me as a designer.

    What is most exciting about your role and the industry today? Where do you see NAS (and your role) going in the future?

    I think the exciting thing is being able to see my work out there in the world. I was so excited the first time I saw a billboard I designed. It’s so nice to see the award-winning work I make for clients and to be able to see my creativity brought to life.

    NAS will always adapt to the industry. We’re a recruitment agency with a broad reach, and we make our clients happy while bringing in high-quality candidates. We will be working closely with our sister companies at M3USA to add other avenues and connections to provide even better service to our clients. I expect a lot of growth in the future.


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