• 6 Reasons to Engage with a Full-Service Recruitment Agency in 2023

    Posted by Mike Shaughnessy on November 3rd, 2022

    TA Professionals. I ask you, Are we having fun yet? 

    As we move into the “Is it a recession or isn’t a recession?” time, there is much for Talent Acquisition to think about.  

    After years of being in recruitment, one thing is certain; when the business environment contracts, your Corporate Marcomm team will be 100% focused on winning and keeping existing business. HR will have to fight for every dollar to find alternative ways of keeping their pipeline full. And with remote work and quiet quitting, you will be fighting for talent with every major company with a VPN. How will you address this going into 2023? 


    Where is your time and money going? 

    If you deal with multiple recruitment and HR communications vendors, your money is not being spent efficiently.  Your time is most certainly being wasted, meeting with one agency for creative, one for media, one for metrics, and one for social. You need that time for strategic thinking, not reactionary firefighting.  

    Keeping ahead of the latest platforms, tactics, trends, media (Including what Indeed is doing today?)  and evolving solutions is no easy task, especially while managing your other responsibilities, such as hiring all the people you need to thrive. 

    You need one agency partner who can manage all of this for you. That partner is NAS Recruitment Innovation. 


    #1 Why an Agency? Data-based Solutions for Active and Passive Audience 

    With populations further segmenting themselves, it’s crucial to use an agency to make buying decisions based on audience behavioral data. You want to ensure you are considering all appropriate solutions to attract A-level talent. Does Snap Chat work for all audiences? No, but it works incredibly well for some.  

    Full-service agencies have the most current intelligence, metrics, tools and solutions to prioritize what works market-to-market and job-to-job. We give you unbiased opinions. 

     NAS will provide new ideas and tactics to reach your audience where they are – far beyond job boards and postings. 

    We challenge you to use creative tactics and expect to be challenged to deliver you quality candidates. 


    #2 Why an Agency? Improved Branding – Diamond-Style 

    Recruitment branding is different than Marcomm. With 75 years (Happy Diamond Anniversary to us!)  of recruitment-focused experience, NAS has a wealth of research, insight, first-hand experience, data/metrics on candidate behaviors to create your Employer Value Proposition that engage your targeted candidates. Our award winning creative and websites make a compelling impression for your brand.  


    #3 Why an Agency? Nimble Spending and Programmatic Buying – In All Sizes and Flavors 

    Working with an agency can not only save you money (e.g., more effective solutions, volume buying, etc.), but can work with almost any budget, creating campaigns that will be in-market quickly target audiences you are after.  

    Programmatic media buying allows you to purchase job ads in real-time, based on preset rules and targeted on a pay-per-click basis.  But not just job boards! The opportunity now exists to purchase programmatic display banners, geo-targeted campaigns, and streaming radio for short-term programs and initiatives without contracts  

    For programmatic to work, you need experts who can manage the buy, oversee spend, and provide the results quickly. Metrics are delivered every month, so you can optimize and pivot as necessary. 


    #4 Why an Agency? Website Platform and Media Together 

    Some agencies can support media buys. Some can do social media posts. Some build websites.  What your company really needs is a robust careers website that can report on the Key Performance indicators that you need. NAS has a SaaS platform to create and host your mobile-responsive site, make changes to the site quickly and the backend metrics functionality to report on which campaigns are working, your conversion rate and even track to hire. And because NAS can build your website and develop your media strategy, there will be a seamless transition in your brand from ads to recruitment site. Consistency is key for your brand and your presence. 


    #5 Why an Agency? Access to the Full-Service Experts 

    When you hire an agency, you are getting access to talent who have in-depth knowledge in their area of expertise. We have in-house teams of designers, copywriters, media planners, programmers, developers, programmatic specialists and search and social experts.  We don’t dabble in recruitment advertising. It’s been our core function for 75 years. We are all here to understand your challenges and meet them head on.  


    #6 Media Objectivity and Lower Rates 

    NAS is media neutral; therefore, we are free to make the best choices for you based on the situation at hand.  

    The opposite can be true when you turn to different media reps, who are trying to sell only their products/solutions. They are under pressure to make quotas and sell specific media in order to make budget for the month. Agencies buying on a much larger scale and at higher volumes can secure better rates than a single company asking for the same solutions. In addition, agencies can weed through the spectrum of solutions and pinpoint the ones most appropriate for you – delivering better ROI for your recruitment budget. 


    Mike Shaughnessy

    Mike is a multidisciplinary recruitment leader with superior client service and management skills. He is an expert at targeting audiences using digital, social media and business development strategies for lead generation, lead nurturing, engagement and conversion for B2B, B2G, B2C companies and non-profit organizations. He has spent his 20-year career developing and launching strategies, plans and tactics that increase leads, sales, revenue and market share, while measuring and optimizing ROI. In his spare time he likes to hike any mountain he can find, (eventually) see live music or refute the assertion that he has a “favorite” between his two children.

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