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    Posted by Jennifer R. Henley, PHR & SHRM-CP | Chief Customer Officer on March 25th, 2020

    tips for temporary hiring

    As we navigate a “new normal” in the wake of COVID-19, many industries have transitioned to remote work (NAS among them). While many businesses are staffing down due to emergency shutdown directives, others have shifted to temp-hiring-emergency mode. If you’re one of the essential industries, like healthcare, grocery, retail or supply chain, that needs to attract temporary talent quickly, you need to be visible and get the word out to potential candidates.

    Here are a few ideas on how to recruit those individuals who may have just been laid off and are receptive to temporary work.

    Get the word out on your site.
    Use your existing career site or job search platform to market your most urgent jobs. This can be done with a simple banner ad or a more detailed landing page – whatever makes the most sense. You’ll also want to link directly to the jobs to make it as easy as possible for candidates. We’ve already helped multiple clients implement this strategy in the past few weeks. You can, of course, supplement this by using paid media to drive candidates to the page. Tip: cross-post your temp hiring recruitment message on your corporate site in order to cover another possible candidate touchpoint.

    Hold a virtual career fair.
    Now is not the time for an in-person career fair, but you can still meet with groups of candidates through online technology. Candidates can easily sign up and log in at the appointed time using their phones or laptops, while your team can manage and chat with them through a number of virtual career fair providers. NAS is working with several different vendors and has a virtual career fair package that can be customized to your needs.

    Take advantage of social platforms.
    Individuals who have lost their jobs are actively looking and likely spending more time on social platforms. Facebook is a great example of a place where you can broadly target people who might fit your needs. Options include promoting a post from your page, creating a Link Click ad or inviting people to a virtual career fair. Here’s a recent article from our blog with additional details: Connect with candidates using Facebook

    Make boomerangs a priority.
    Individuals who left your company on good terms may have been among the first let go at their new company due to their short tenure. A boomerang campaign to bring them back could be a good option. It can be as simple as an outreach from your recruiters or it can be a multi-level strategy with several components. 

    Reach out through your Talent Network.
    You have a database of opt-in, already engaged candidates at your literal fingertips. It may include those who have opted in via your Talent Network, landing pages, job fairs and other events. NOW is the time to reach out and let them know you’re hiring. Craft a brief, specific message to send to your contact list and provide a direct-apply link to quickly drive candidates to your essential jobs.

    Expedite the hiring process.
    Your recruitment team needs to shift into overdrive. As your “normal” office environment and by extension, your hiring process, may be experiencing disruption, you must ensure that you’re making life as easy on candidates as possible. You need them, so it’s imperative that your recruiters provide every feasible method of contact when communicating with potential hires. While general contact info is obvious (email, company website, etc.), your recruiters may wish to consider including additional methods of contact such as personal cell, a dedicated Zoom room for immediate, remote interviews and, as mentioned, a direct-apply link in their signature.

    As always, NAS is here to help you make the right decisions in this unique environment. We are all in this together. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help.

    Jennifer R. Henley, PHR & SHRM-CP | Chief Customer Officer

    Jennifer Henley is a trusted authority in recruitment solutions and consultative client services. She possesses the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and SHRM-CP designations, is a proud member of MAHCR, NAHCR and SHRM, and is a featured speaker at HR communications industry conferences and events nationwide.

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